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thermNASA : thermodata readout tools

  The thermNASA is a collection of software tools to read out thermodynamic data stored as NASA polynomials coefficients in both old conventional 7-coefficients format (used in Chemkin) and new 9-coefficients format (used in the latest CEA program).   Although the major applications of the thermodynamic data of chemical species, the equilibrium problems, are fully covered by the NASA-CEA program, thermNASA provides access to the each thermodynamic data by listing it in a tabulated form (like JANAF thermochemical tables, etc), calculation of the equilibrium constants for reaction, and evaluation of rate constants for the reverse reaction.
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Standard listing
thermList  thermLi97 Read out thermodynamic data in a file specified on the command line and list thermodynamic data in standard format used in the conventional programs.   The output of ThermList is in the list format of THERM program while the output of ThermLi97 is in the format used in the input of PAC99.
Flexible listing & equilibrium constant calculation
thermoRead List thermodynamic data for all the species in the specified file for versatile list of temperature in the supported temperature range.
thermoEquil Calculate thermodynamic properties and equilibrium constants of a specified reaction.   Optionally, it can calculate rate constants for reverse reactions.
NASA polynomial