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2006 Reaction Dynamics and Kinetics
    – Practical Statistical Theory of Chemical Reactions

  "Reaction Dynamics and Kinetics – Practical Statistical Theory of Chemical Reactions," is a half-semester graduate coursework held in the winter semester biennially.
  The course is intended to be a comprehensive and practical summary of statistical theory for the application to gas-phase chemical reactions and thermodynamics.   The course also includes outline of electronic-state degeneracy, hindered internal rotation, rotational symmetry number, and number of (optical) isomers, all of which are often required in the statictical calculations but are annoying for those who are unfamiliar with the stuffs.
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Notice to Students

  • Lecture notes, exercises (quizzes) with answers, and problems for answer paper (report) can be found here.
  • Supplemental explanations, descriptions, or corrections may appear here after the classes.
  • Lecture notes here are for blackboard writing. They are intended to be concise summary of lectures, but not to be self-instructive.   Those who try to learn by themselves are encouraged to read an appropriate textbook.

Cource schedule

[Dec. 13] 1. Introduction – Statistical Mechanics
[Dec. 20] 2. Electronic States of Atoms and Molecules
[Jan. 10] 3. External Nuclear Motions
[Jan. 17] 4. Intramolecular Motions
[Jan. 24] 5. Canonical Statistics
[Jan. 31] 6. Microcanonical Statistics

Answer papers (reports) submission

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