Using Chemkin-II
A. Miyoshi

Using Chemkin-II

  Chemkin is a kinetic modeling program package develped by the Sandia National Laboratories.   It consists of the core library named cklib for homogeneous gas-phase reaction / transport, as well as a zero-dimensional sensitivity analysis code, one-dimensional flame code, and codes for typical reactors.

minimal package

  A package prepared for the execution of the following programs included in Chemkin-II:
  • senkin (0-dimensional kinetic simulation & sensitivity analysis)
  • premix (1-dimensional laminar premixed flame)
  • equil (equilibrium calculation)
  • psr (perfectly stirred reactor)
  • shock (shock wave)
It also contains following extended utilities which were not included in the original package:
  • sb2c (readout of senkin binaries)
  • pb2c (readout of premix binaries)
  • rxnc (senkin contribution analysis)
  • sbrest (REST format readout of senkin binaries)
  • sbhmix (isoenthalpic mixing of senkin REST format files)
  • sbliq (vaporization/mixing of liquid into a senkin REST format file)
  • findth (search for thermodynamic data)
The senkin codes have been extended with ICEN (Internal Combustion Engine), CGME (Core-gas model for rapid compression machines), PRGV (Programmed volume change), and PRGT (Programmed temperature change) codes.
The package is base on the CHEMKIN-II v. 4.5 (Release: Jan. 1995) source codes.