Softwares - Compilers
A. Miyoshi

Softwares - Compilers

  Compilers that run on Windows for intel CPU's.   The changes are rapid and information here may not be up to date.

Fortran and C/C++ Compilers

GNU Compilers
The GNU project is developing approvable quality of C/C++ and Fortran compilers.   Some choices to run them on Windows will be described below.
  1. WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)
    On the current version of Windows 10 (64-bit), the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is available.  By installing a distribution such as Ubuntu, bash and other command-line tools will be used.  In a sense, it is a compact development environment like MinGW/MSYS implemented on Windows.
  2. MinGW
    MinGW provides GNU compilers for Windows.   It is a compact developping environment compared to the Cygwin below.   It becominig large and now it seems to be too big to be called "minimalist", for my opinion.
  3. Cygwin
    The Cygwin provides UNIX API on Windows with GNU development environment and tools.
Commercial Compilers
Below is a list of major commercial compilers.
  1. Intel Compilers
  2. Portland Group PGI Fortran, C/C++ Compilers
  3. Lahey Fortran
  4. Absoft Pro Fortran

Numerical Modeling Language

GNU Octave
GNU Octave is high-level language for numerical modeling.   Using Octave