- What's FRAD? -
A. Miyoshi

What's FRAD?


  As you may suppose, FRAD is an abbreviation of FREE RADICAL. The name was chosen not only because we deal with the free radicals, but also because it represents our attitude to research.


  We believe that the one of the most important attitude on research is to Be FREE from the existing concepts which are, in many cases, only the working hypotheses that are currently accepted. We prefer to start form 'What is valuable and interesting?' rather than from 'What we ought to, or ought not to do?'
  Being RADICAL powerfully drives oneself to search for new ideas or new fact. Conservative attitude to the common, existing knowledge may blind oneself from the essentials behind the fact. Probably, more than 90 % of the ideas one expects to be new are junk. However, they would never be denied nor supported but would only be discarded unless one did try them or made them public.