(c) 2002–2017 by A. Miyoshi
All rights reserved.
– Knowledge-basing Utilities for Complex Reaction Systems –

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1. Copyright and Licensing

  The copyright of the KUCRS is owned by the author.   This software can be redistributed according to the LGPL.   The author is not liable for any damages relating to the use of the software.   The author reserves the right to change the software without prior notice.

Cite this work as:

1) A. Miyoshi, KUCRS software library, revision XXXX.XX.XX, available from the author. See the web: http://akrmys.com/KUCRS/ for update information.
For KUCRS-20110107m11 and earlier which use the THERMFIT program, cite the following.
2) E. R. Ritter and J. W. Bozzelli, "THERM: Thermodynamic Property Estimation for Gas Phase Radicals and Molecules," Int. J. Chem. Kinet., 23, 767-778 (1991).
The author welcomes the citation of the following publication on the rate parameters implemented in KUCRS-20110107 and after.
3) A. Miyoshi, J. Phys. Chem. A., 115, 3301–3325 (2011).

2. Credits for Copyrighted Works

  KUCRS-20110107m11 and earlier use a component in the THERM program [2) described above].  KUCRS-20110107m11 and later use MINPACK and PAC99 for generation of thermodynamic data.
4) [MINPACK] J. J. Moré, B. S. Garbow and K. E. Hillstrom, "User Guide for MINPACK-1," Argonne National Laboratory Report ANL-80-74, Argonne, Ill. (1980).
5) [PAC99] B. J. McBride and Sanford Gordon, "Comupter Program for Calculating and Fitting Thermodynamic Functions," NASA Reference Publication 1271 (1992).

2. Distribution

  The source codes and the MS-DOS executables (run on the command prompt of Windows) are available HERE.
Sample mechanisms generated by KUCRS are also available on the SAME PAGE.
Bug-reports, suggested revisions, and evaluation reports are welcome.